Thursday, June 9, 2011

Over Extending...

Some days I feel like I do it all...other days I feel like I can't do enough. Pay the bills, clean the house, bathe the kids, cook dinner, get gas, go grocery shopping, work full time, volunteer, soon to be lunch time swim lessons for the girls, visit family 2 hours a way, keep in touch with friends, update my facebook status...and my kids aren't even in school yet! Being a woman is exhausting. 

This is pretty much the busiest/most stressful time for me at work- we're wrapping up the school year and starting summer- we have staff schedules to manage, sign-ups to monitor, certifications to clear- on top of end of the year purchasing and parties...I should know better...I should know that scheduling swimming lessons during the week of staff training and our first week of summer camp is not the best idea. There was logic behind it, I think. 

On top of my normal life duties I'm part of our local Relay for Life committee- which is amazing, and I'm so excited to be this involved with the American Cancer Society. Although, let me tell you...trying to host fundraisers the week before staff training and on the last day of school was also not that smart of a move on my part. I just completed making 57 balloon weights, I've spent $$ on balloons and beaded necklaces and other sorts of graduation goodies to sell at two of the local 8th grade promotions....I'm panicking now, scared that we're not going to sell enough- oh well at this point all we can do is show up. 

I can't imagine what life is going to be like once the girls start school- field trips, class parties, homework, a million birthday parties...and when they turn 7 and start club volleyball...ok, yes, I'm planning this four years in advance (I actually looked into it when the girls were still in the womb, but that's besides the point). How do mothers do it? How do you stay on top of everything and still enjoy life? Why is over extending a normal thing for mothers? How do you cope? I'll take an answer to any one of these questions...

Ok- end rant...I could go on and on and on and on.

More exciting news: G-dawg brought home  book 3 of the Hunger Games trilogy- can't wait to start it and Tim McGraw on Friday!

Potty training update: K hasn't had an accident in a few days!!!!! :-D Diaper is still drenched in the morning, but during the day- she's gone potty in the toilet all day without an accident. Knock on wood. K really wants her fishing pole. A has had just a few accidents- it's getting better, but she doesn't seem to be bothered by number twoing in her pants. Gross. She also wants a fishing pole, but not nearly as bad. 

Ok- have to wake up in 6 hours. 

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